Creating Wealth Through People

hfi is an established Business Psychology Consultancy that in talent management all over the world. Our distinctive competency and competitive advantage is a deep and extensive knowledge of psychology coupled with experienced understanding of any given business environment. For over 30 years hfi has used the science of psychology and in-depth business knowledge to identify talent and release the potential of global companies to create wealth through people. We are passionate and ready to work with you!

Developing Talent | hfi


hfi assess current capability and future potential to build cohesive high performance teams.

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Developing Talent | hfi


hfi deliver individual and team programs that help to develop your  leadership talent.

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Organizational Effectivness | hfi


hfi help you build the framework of success through strong leadership.

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Wealth Creation | hfi


hfi develop Wealth Creators in business to ensure they add value to your in the long term.

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Are Your Competitors Using Critical Thinking?

Are Your Competitors Using This No.1 Business Skill To Get Ahead: Critical Thinking? by Charlotte Gunnell In 2013, Google ditched “worthless” grade-point-averages as a basis for hiring, in favor of “general cognitive ability” and “learning ability”. Top employers like EY...

Culture Survey at Reed & MacKay

Culture Survey at Reed & Mackay At hfi we are only as good as the clients we serve, and we wouldn’t have continued growth without repeated success in building relationships with our clients. Our services go beyond one-time projects. Our focus is...

The Science of Leadership Assessment

The Science of Leadership Assessment by Gavin Donaldson In our last article Is The Interview A Roll Of The Dice? we thought that Dan Shapero, LinkedIn’s VP of Talent Solutions, was a little behind the times in saying “Recruiting has always...

A very successful event on both a professional and leadership development aspect but also building relationships across the group… I have been surprised by the quality and insightfulness of the feedback – thank you.
A Delegate Capgemini Vice President Development Centre
Of all the people who had been through the hfi process, none had presented performance problems. Of the staff that hadn’t completed the process some had performance problems.
President DDAT

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