About Human Factors International

Human Factors International was established 1983 since when it has helped numerous clients to select and develop their most important asset, their people. Our distinctive competency is a deep and extensive knowledge of psychology coupled with experienced understanding of the business environment.  Our team of consultants bring expertise at all stages of the Talent Management process whether it be designing a graduate assessment centre or re-organising the entire company structure and corporate goals.

Making the Most of your Talent

In all areas of business, an understanding of the human factor is fundamental;  it is important not only to recruit the right people but to ensure that these people are developed to maximise their potential and creating systems and structures within which they can function efficiently and effectively.

hfi Service Model

Human Factors’ capability in people assessment and development is at the heart of our business and the starting point for any Talent Management process. We are expert at executive assessment, leadership development, organisational culture and main board competencies. Our expertise is backed up with theoretical knowledge and experience gained through working with global companies and multicultural groups.

Our team of consultants operates at every level of the client company - monitoring, assessing, training and coaching, to integrate a team which is capable of improving and developing individual and corporate performance. We combine a deep and extensive knowledge of human potential with a focus on business strategy, the business environment and business process to make the most of your human talent in the business environment.